Discover the endless possibilities of wallpaper for your home or business’s interior with the contractors at Sloan's Painting. We offer an inventory of the highest quality wallcoverings, providing countless design and color options. Regardless of the dream, you have for your space, our team will patiently and precisely install, hang, and align wallpaper. You can count on a seamless and durable finish, every time.

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Professionally Applied Quality Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a classic and versatile option for interior decoration with a number of important advantages. Modern wallpaper adds depth and style to a room that paint simply can’t compete with.

Properly hung wallpaper can outlast paint up to three times longer, in some cases, for up to 15 years. Wallpaper adheres smoothly to any wall and will hide cracks and imperfections.

Sloan's Painting’s wallcovering solutions will prove to be the perfect addition to your home or business. You’ll appreciate our efficient workmanship in transforming your interior spaces with our many options for wallpaper design.

Reach out to one of our representatives today to begin exercising your creativity or to discuss your options.

Endless Wallcovering Colors and Patterns to Choose From

During the initial consultation, we will establish your needs and make expert recommendations suited to your space.

Our contractors carry an inventory of the latest and best wallpaper coverings, made by industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers. Choose from our variety of wallcovering options, suited for every taste, including:

  • Bold geometric patterns
  • Intricate, colorful patterns
  • Solid colors
  • Other unique wallpaper options

If you can’t find what you are looking for, one of our team members can easily order what you need. We are the wallpaper professionals you’ve been looking for.

Unique Wallpaper for Each Home or Business

Once you’ve chosen your wallpaper from our large selection of colors and textures, we will get to work. We work efficiently in each home or business, minimizing any disruptions. Our team will hang and install wallpaper with patience and care, ensuring a perfectly straight and smooth finish.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to know to keep your wallpaper looking like new for years to come.

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Experienced Wallpaper and Painting Contractors

Our professionals have been providing outstanding wallpaper services for a number of years. We have revitalized the interiors of homes and businesses with our customized wallcovering services. Add personality and character to even the simplest space with unique, carefully chosen wallpaper.

Our contractors have years of experience and training and are committed to the highest standards of excellence. We are fully licensed and bonded and provide our services at great rates.

Schedule a consultation today and see the difference wallpaper can make.

Wallpaper in Parksville and Surrounding Areas

Sloan’s Painting is the go-to installer for wallcoverings and paper in the mid-island area. We’ve installed all types of wallpaper. From commercial to residential grade. Try a bold feature wall or give an entire bathroom a hot new look. You’ll find it stands up and is far superior then paint in some situations. Call new to book an experienced installer.

Transform Your Space with Wallpaper

Sloan's Painting’s wallpaper services combine classic traditional elegance with the latest design trends. Add flair and color to any space with our dependable services.

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