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Wallcovering Wallpaper

Sloan’s Wallcovering and Wallpaper Service

Wallpaper isnt for everyone. Occasionally while painting for a customers, we are asked in surprise “they still use wallpaper?”.  Lets face it old wallpaper has a way of making places look dated. Old wallpaper needs to be removed one day. Which Sloan’s Painting does as well.

New wallpaper can look eloquent and in the right room in the right place, it can be the finishing touch that completes your project.

Types of Wallcoverings:

We are experienced in installing all kinds of wallcoverings from vinyl coated paper, paper backed vinyl, and fabric backed vinyl. There are many advantages to using wallcoverings over paint. For example:

There are 3 types of wallcoverings to consider, type 1 which is light duty light traffic. Type 2 medium duty, and type 3 being the heaviest for high traffic areas. The type specified for your project is depending on your needs. Type 1 is typically in a residential setting, a bathroom (wet area) or feature wall. Type 3 is typically found in commercial buildings, and in high traffic areas like lobbies and hallways.

Who Orders Wallcoverings?

Some important points to consider when ordering wallpaper is how much product required for the project area. This entails an onsite visit for measuring wall height and length. Extra product overage must be factored in, the amount of overage is dependant on the pattern repeat.

Not to worry Sloan’s Painting installers are experienced with all pattern repeats. We install random match patterns, straight across match patterns, drop match patterns which can be a half drop match or a multiple drop match pattern.

The other important point to remember when ordering Wallcoverings is acquiring enough product from the same dye lot. There can be variations in color in different product runs. It typically takes a couple weeks for product to be shipped. There is nothing worse than finding a bolt that is not the same color.

In most cases Sloan’s Painting would prefer to measure and order material for accuracy. However we will install owner supplied material. For commercial and new construction projects please send plan drawings via email. Regardless, if your having thoughts about using wallcoverings, please feel free to contact for further information.

So who uses wallpaper these days? Well our clients are designers, builders, corporate companies and residential home owners. We find that using a wallcovering in combination with painting can be the finishing touch that makes a project outstanding. So if your thinking about it give Sloan’s Painting a call.