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Interior Painting

Do we paint?

Interior painting is a stressful experience for some people. It throws your life into chaos. Furniture is moved, rooms are in disarray and everything is out-of-place. Simply put its disruptive to our daily routine’s in our house.  That’s Why Sloan’s Painting has developed a system to stream line the process. We want you to have a positive experience to painting your house.  There are many reasons to paint.         

1) Maintenance up keeping on one of your biggest investments. Over time walls get dinged up. liquids spilled. Normal wear and tear, and if you have young kids, you’ll find hand prints 3 feet up.

2) Colors become dated. They can feel dreary, and when furniture and fixtures change over time they lose their appeal. The interior paint color of a room can change the entire feeling of a room. It can rejuvenate and bring life back in a room.

Choosing Colors: 

This should be a positive experience. For some customers it isn’t, and its difficult to make a choice. There are a lot of colors and many contributing factors.  Sloan’s Painting will be apart of the process. We work with the latest colors and trends . We can suggest colors, however the final decision is with customer. Colors are subjective, and philosophically speaking there is no way two human beings can decide that a color is the same. Sloan’s Painting can offer resources and contacts to aid. We work with interior designers often and can recommend a fabulous designer. Please let us know if you would like one. 

What to expect:

Sloan’s Paintings residential crews are specially trained to work with homeowners, to communicate and plan your project with you. They keep you informed all the way until completion. On the scheduled start date, home owners must move all items 4 feet from all walls. We do not typically move furniture do to liability issues. However for elderly clients we can aid. If you ask for our help we will not be held liable for damages. Pictures need customer to remove them, and please instruct the painters if you want nail holes filled. Some clients do not want them filled so their pictures can go back in the right place.

Our painters will lay out drop clothes, mask and tape areas. Cover furniture with plastic and protect areas from paint. Near the end of each day they will clean up their work area, and make arrangements for the next day.  The whole process depending on the size of the job typically takes 5-7 days for an average size house. 

Painting shouldn’t stress you, and we take the painful part out of it. Customers can are at ease knowing that their project is in the hands of professionals. You shouldn’t have to worry that paint is going to get on your things and where shouldn’t. Contact us for more details or to schedule an on site visit for a written quote.