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Exterior Painting

When to paint?

Sloan’s Painting provides exterior painting services from April to October. Booking start in late March. Exteriors from last year take priority. It’s important to paint in the specified temperatures. Most paint manufacturers label their products with the recommended temperatures and humidity.

How often to paint?

This is a good question. It depends on the material (substrate). How old it is, and how well the last painter prepared substrates before. Climate is also a huge reason for breaking down substrates. Vancouver Island rains for several months and it’s really water and sun that break down and age substrates. Houses need painting every 5 – 7 years, or at the very least 10 years.  Stain grade substrates need staining every 2-3 years.

What kind of paint?

A good quality product is a determining factor in the life of an exterior. Sloan’s Painting believes in using the best products that will get the most life and protection for the exterior. We would rather pay a little more for a superior paint product that will last longer and does a better job. By doing so we have established a professional relationship with many customers over the years. Word of mouth is 90% of our business. Thus we have paint accounts at all major paint suppliers and years of product experience.

The determining factors:

Thorough surface preparation before painting is always the answer.  Sloan’s Painting staff will be meticulous in preparing and painting all your exterior substrates. After more than 10 years in the Nanaimo area. We have painted every type of substrate. We know what works and what doesn’t. How long it will last, and when it will need repainted again.

Getting a quote:

Customers can contact the office and schedule an on site visit. A member of Sloan’s Painting will discuss important details about your project with you. Expect them to discuss the level of surface degradation of your house. The estimator will point out key areas that need extra preparation. They will explain the scope of work and recommend the proper products.  Ensuring that the exterior painting  lasts the longest and protects your house for years.

Exterior quotes include power washing. (Power washing does not apply to all exteriors) Prepping, priming and applying two coats of top exterior quality paint.

Contact us for more details or to schedule an on site visit for a written quote.